Berlinopen 2019 - en

18 players after three rounds with 3 points, so 100%. That should push itself in the 4th round further together, maximally only 9 players can come on 4 points. But with the further decreasing differences in playing strength in the top group, more draws are to be expected. There were exactly three of them at the top, so that just 6 players after the 4th round have reached 100%. With Matthias Blühbaum, Pier Luigi Basso, Jiri Stocek and Marco Baldauf, surely players who were to be expected up there. But also the Indian GM Venkataraman Karthik and especially IM Stefan Frühbing play a very good tournament and are justified way to find in the top group.


Of the three draws in the top group, one is due to the "account" of WGM Josefine Heinemann from Saxony-Anhalt (adjacent photo), who plays today for the chess club OSG Baden-Baden. Her opponent in this round, IM Alexander Gelmann from Russia, could not invent anything effective against her structure in the game, so that the draw was logical. Women do not only play a subordinate role in our tournament, even though the oversized number of players is male and the proportion of women is only 5%. With Benett Schnabel, Svetlana Tishove, Teodora Rogozenco or Johanna Blübaum as examples other strong female participants are represented in the field and fight successfully for points and placings.

In the 4th round GM Rene Stern from Berlin got it badly. In his game with the black stones against Thomas Jahn (also Berlin) he first played a risky manoeuvre, only to throw the position away in one single move. Rene himself suspected a moment of lack of concentration. With the 2.5 points from 4 games, it is probably only a matter of damage limitation for him, especially as such results are also reflected in the scoring. Rene's opponent from the third round also managed to draw a title holder in this round - with the black pieces he drew against IM Jonas Rosner. With 3 out of 4 he continues to play at the front boards.

The Zugzwang 95 players fought hard again and were able to achieve the following positive results: Our junior player Phuc Nhat Nguyen got his first point against Marc Lippert. August Hohn played draw against Marian Taras, Tom Kraft draw against Joreon Schoonackers, Detlef Just draw against Hans-Werner Wirp, Dr. Karlheinz Hesselbarth also draw against Christian Timm.